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About IPRC

Based in Casablanca, the Largest North African Economical Hub, IPRC was established 2009 and joined the HPS group in 2021. 

Our core business is the management of IT Operations around Payment Systems 24/7. 
Management of IT operations, ATM Monitoring, Fraud Supervision and Customer Service Call Center are the key components of  our value proposition.
We are proud of delivering our services across 17 countries for more than 40 financial institutions.

Our team is managing today 2 000+ multi-platform production servers, 6 000+ATMs, 8 M+ Payment instruments,

IPRC's infrastructure and solutions are continuously PCI-DSS certified since 2013.

Products & services

The Management of IT Operations, ATM Monitoring, Fraud Supervision and Customer Service Call Center have been tailored to our customer’s demand. They can be provided within a turnkey offer or in a modular and progressive way.

Therefore, the setup of such services must obey to a process that will enable us to deliver our promises, and keep our customer satisfied and enhance our deliverables.

  • Supervision of Electronic
    Banking Fraud Activity

  • ATM

  • Customer Service
    Call Center

  • Supervision of Electronic Banking Fraud Activity

    Fraud remains an endless threat to our Industry, and getting the right tools and processes is a must to ensure a secure use of the payment instruments.

    IPRC is linked to many banks a thus able to detect fraud cases at a very early stage and propagate safety actions throughout their customers 24h/7.

    We are preventing our customers from millions of Euros fraud per year.


    • Audit of the fraud management back office at financial institutions;


    • Assistance in the implementation of fraud detection rules;
    • Implementation and optimization of fraud management processes based on best practices;


    When it comes to ATM Monitoring, it is not only our expertise that is recognized, but also the tools and products we are using to ensure the highest availability rate of the ATM network.

    • Analysis of electronic payment activity by a fraud detection experts team 24 h/7
    • Continuous improvement and tuning of fraud rules; 
    • Activity reporting;

    ATM Monitoring

    Our last featured product is the IA ATM forecasting tool, for which the Proof Of Concepts we delivered to various customers showed very promising results for the sample ATM network we manage to apply this offer.

    Remote monitoring

    Remote management

    Analysis & Reporting

    Cash flow monitoring

    Follow-up of interventions

    SLA Monitoring

    Customer Service Call Center

    Having a good customer relation is a key concern for many financial institutions.

    With the recognition of the value of IPRC professionals, Customer care Center is getting the confidence of the top 10 Moroccan banks to manage.

    Thus, we ensure that all requests are addressed within a Service Level Agreement, with high Omni-Channel communication capabilities with the client, and secured access to the bank Information System, to ensure a optimum processing the request, and potentially cross selling and Marketing Actions.

    Keep in touch

    Our helpline is always open to receive any inquiry or feedback. Please feel free to drop us an email from the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.