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IPRC specializes in the remote management and monitoring of IT operations around payment systems on a 24/7 basis and offers services that can be adapted to customer requirements.

With years of established expertise in both the IT industry and the financial sector, particularly in banking, IPRC is well-equipped to provide value-added services to its customers.

Today, IPRC has a detailed knowledge of the remote management and outsourcing models, and is proud of delivering services across 17 countries, for more than 40 financial institutions and 10 years loyal customers!

We know that ATMs are a vital part of the way customers transact in the banking system, and we work towards making this touch point their greatest experience.

With the global shift to electronic payments, fraud appears as a real threat. For this reason, we protect your customers’ assets, ensuring the delivery of a reliable fraud monitoring service. .

All IPRC solutions and infrastructures are PCI-DSS certified.

We are convinced that customer support is essential to the loyalty of your customers, who thus perceive the added value of your services. Therefore, we actively and effectively support them, guaranteeing positive reviews and brand image.

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