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Cash management planning has become a crucial issue for banks and financial institutions. To address this concern, IPRC offers its I-Vision “Cash Forecasting” solution which will meet the following needs:

Schema for following needs, Cash Forecasting

Our offer

The team

A dedicated team of experts who steer, take charge of the recommendations, analyze the activity and ensure the control of the scenarios proposed by the solution.

The technology

A solution based on machine learning mechanisms and artificial intelligence, allowing ATMs to be profiled in order to propose the optimal provisioning scenario (the amount per ticket type, the momentum of the supply and the cost of optimal supply).

The process

Operating procedures to ensure proper application of ATM procurement strategies.

  • In average40%optimisation on the cost of transport

  • In average20%optimisation on the dormant cash interest cost

  • In average40%optimisation on the global cost

  • In average99,6%on the availability of funds

Cash forecasting solution allows institutions to respond to cash optimization by tracking and analyzing demand and proposing the best ATM replenishment schedule.

The platform allows a global view of the ATM network including the overall fund available, the overall amount of the order for the day, the overall predictability of consumption, the schedule of suggested replenishment.

The user can then view more information concerning a specific region or access a detailed view for a specific ATM in order to verify its stock and history. He can also have a look to the schedule which allows them to check if all their branches receive their cash orders. The schedule also informs them of any alerts traced by analysts which indicate anticipated events or demands which, thanks to the solution, are taken into account which allows to prevent any ATM lack of funds. This includes previsions made for holidays, weekends, special events which induce more demand for cash.

We make it possible with this solution in particular to manage available funds, optimize interest on unused cash, predict consumption needs, optimize the cost of funds transport, etc.

The functionalities of ATM Cash Forecasting have been specifically designed to meet the challenge of combining all the factors influencing a good supply of funds to the ATM.

Example of proposed outputs

  • A 30-day supply schedule,
  • The amount of each supply,
  • The cost of transporting funds,
  • The cost of feeding funds,
  • The cost of bank interest
  • The overall cost of the supply scenario.
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