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Build long-lasting customer relationships with high quality and 24/7 outsourced support.

Establishing good and long-lasting customer relationships is a key concern for many financial institutions. With IPRC, outsource your customer service to a specialized actor and guarantee quality customer relationships, customer retention and great added value to your services.

We adapt to your type of need: card opposition center, electronic payment support service, merchant support service (POS)…

Our main activities are split in 2 levels

Level 1: Consultation & Information

  • 24/7 support,
  • Information on the status of a card operation.
  • Information on the reiection of a transaction
  • Dailyreporting to the bank

Level 2: Unlocking and modifying

  • Unblocking of cards or recalculationof the PIN code,
  • Activation or deactivation of fallback
  • Modification of the cardlimit,
  • Request for provision of emergency bank card,
  • Card Activation,
  • Dailyreporting to the bank
  • Monthly summary of monitoring activity.

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