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Proactively protect your customers’ assets with fraud monitoring solutions.

Fraud remains an endless threat to our industry. IPRC can detect fraud cases at a very early stage and propagate safety actions throughout their customers 24/7. This is supported by our multi-channel monitoring system (cards, wallets and e-banking), and the development of our competence center, composed of experts on the lookout for latest fraud techniques.

By monitoring 45% of the Moroccan electronic money flow, and around 15 million of cards, we are preventing fraud losses worth millions of dollars per year.

Fraud Monitoring Service in 3 steps


  • Audit of the fraud management back office at financial institutions.


  • Assistance in the implementation of fraud detection rules.
  • Implementation and optimization of fraud management processes based on best practices.


  • Analysis of electronic payment activity by a fraud detection experts’ team 24/7.
  • Continuous improvement and tuning of fraud rules.
  • Activity reporting.
  • 15Mcards monitored

  • 4M$of Fraud avoided

  • 380average fraud cases handled per day

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